About us

The Brič Estate is located in wine-growing Slovenian Istria, on a hill above the untouched valley of the Dragonja River, right next to the Slovenian-Croatian border. As shown by the historical sources, here the heavy, tired hands of the stubborn people caressed the vine, which returned them this love in abundance. The estate was named after the homonymous hill and village, which is located above the estate.

According to the project of architect Boris Podrecca, we have built one of the most modernly equipped cellars for processing grapes into premium wines with the capacity of over 560,000 litres, including its own filling line and a wonderful tasting area. The Brič Wine Cellar ranks among the 100 most beautiful wine cellars in the world.

The Estate covers 36 hectares of ecologically cultivated vineyards and an olive grove. It is situated at an altitude between 270 and 350 meters, making it possible to feel the impact of both the Mediterranean and the continent, which gives our wines a special aroma. Due to the immediate proximity of the vineyards and the method of harvesting, the grapes travel from the vine to the mill in less than half an hour, which is a unique feature. With this process, we preserve all the flavourings in the wine that would otherwise be lost.
We are well aware that excellent wines can be produced only from carefully harvested organic grapes, using the latest technology skills, with careful control of every step in the process of cultivation and the benevolence of nature. We want to give wine all the richness and harmony of the pristine environment and the »terroir« offered to us on the Brič Estate. In the varieties we grow, we want to emphasize their fruitiness and freshness, but at the same time the fullness of young wines. By aging wine in big wooden barrels and barrique barrels, we reach the maturity, complexity, and fullness of the aroma of white and especially red wines.

In addition to the vines, we care also for about 500 olive trees on the Brič estate, which we tore out of the forest’s embrace. Olives are cultivated ecologically, without the use of sprays. We also have our own oil-extraction plant, where we produce cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

A distinctive feature of the Brič Estate is the drinking water source, which is believed to have healing power and the ability to renew vital energy.

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